Step into blueprints, and see your new house or office building with BlueprintVR!

What Is BlueprintVR

Blueprint VR is an app that uses brand new technology to let you walk through and see a 360 experience of your architecture plans.

You have seen 3D renderings and fly-throughs, Blueprint VR takes that experience a step further.

Who Can Use BlueprintVR

Home builders
Commercial builders
Homeowners that are looking to renovate
Individuals in the real estate market who flip houses
Individuals building a custom home or semi-custom home
Anyone involved in remote building projects

The Hardware

BlueprintVR uses a Samsung Note 4 or Galaxy 6 phone, as well as the GearVR goggles.

We currently have both the virtual reality goggles and Samsung phones that we can provide in order to be able to use the software.

Please contact us regarding your needs for both the hardware and software solution!

The Experience

After strapping on the headset, you are instantly transported inside a building that hasn't even been built yet.

When wearing the goggles that hold the phone, you can walk around and up stairs.

You can walk around the perimeter of a building to get a sense of the placement of a building on a plot of land.

The Savings

Save thousands of dollars by making architecture and space decisions before you break ground!


We are currently in the process of ramping up the app, and are doing custom pricing.

The cost per project is currently based on complexities of the architecture plans and rendering of the inside of the house. Please contact us to specify what your needs are and we would be happy to discuss price structure.

Interested? Send us an email

See For Yourself

We just finished the 2015 VR Jam Challenge.

Watch our video, to see how the system works.

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